Be A Friend

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A Friend Is Always There For You. A good friend will always be there for you. A friend isn't going to run away because you lost money, or because you moved further away. Friends know that life throws many trials, and friends will stick through those trials to the end. Friends Listen. A good friend is someone you can be vulnerable and open with. This is because friends trust friends.

A friend does not either seek recognition in any shape or form - to do so does not demonstrate a characteristic of a friend but, instead, demonstrates a self-serving, selfish individual. To these types of people, it is more a matter of what one can get rather than what one can give.

 · Be A Friend is a wonderful read-aloud to encourage children in finding their talents while feeling comfortable with being different. This book is wonderful for discussion/movement activities and shows the importance of making friends/accepting others.4/5().

3rd and 5th Graders singing w/Leotha Stanley and his beautiful daughter.

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