Answer (1 of 5): Your question Hypnosis: How do you break a trance? is a bit vague at best. Do you mean: How do I break MYSELF out of trance, or How do I break SOMEONE ELSE out of trance? Well, I’ll answer both. To break MYSELF out of a hypnotic trance, Any of the following will work: * Re.

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Trance is induced by a surge of emotion. Trance (トランス, Toransu?) is the Limit Break system in Final Fantasy IX that temporarily transforms a character into a more powerful form, increasing all physical damage by a factor of x (except for Steiner, whose physical damage triples). While in Trance, party members' unique skillset is enhanced in some fashion. Trance is induced by a surge.

 · Very fine remixtune from balanced build-up and the kick used in this track sounds very intense and break is what sparked my bassline used throughout the lead makes it so much darker and somehow illusive rather than a standard trancebreak.

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