Nipperkin Noodle

In , Nissin Foods developed instant noodles for astronauts, called Space Ram. The noodles come in bite-size bundles coated in egg whites to hold them together in a low-gravity ted Reading Time: 6 mins.

Finally, let’s talk about one other fun term—"nipperkin"! A nipperken is a small container used to measure alcohol. Over time, the word also came to mean the amount of alcohol itself, as in, “I’ll have a nipperkin of grog.”.

Nipperkin was a member of Hector Barbossa's Cursed crew, forsaken upon taking a piece of gold from the Chest of Cortés. He participated in the batle aboard the HMS Dauntless. Nipperkin joined the crew of Captain Jack Sparrow prior to the search for Isla de Muerta, and served under Sparrow until the night of Barbossa's mutiny. Nipperkin and the rest of the crew stood by Barbossa against Jack.

The nipperkin is a unit of measurement of volume, equal to one-half of a quarter-gill, one-eighth of a gill, or one thirty-second of an English pint. In other estimations, one nip (an abbreviation that originated in ) is either one-third of a pint, or any amount less than or equal to half a pint. A nipperkin is also one-eighth of a pint of beer or any other liquor.

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