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Name Meaning—Lydia, who was an Asiatic, derived her name from the country on the borders of which her native city, Thyatira, was situated. It was not an original Greek name, but probably Phoenician, and a common name meaning “bending.” Readers of Horace will be familiar with Lydia as a .

Meaning of the name Lydia: Of Greek origin, Lydia (woman from Lydia, an ancient kingdom in western Asia Minor) is common throughout the English-speaking world.

 · Who Was Lydia? As mentioned before Lydia sells purple cloth. She comes from Thyatira, a wealthy town known for its trade guilds and purple dye. Lydia no longer lives in Thyatira when Paul meets Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

 · The name Lydia is applied to one woman and one country in the Bible. The one and only female Lydia in the Bible was Paul's first European convert; a woman originally from Thyatira but living in Philippi in Macedonia, working as a trader in purple fabrics (Acts and ).Thyatira (now Akhisar in western Turkey) was made a Macedonian colony in BC and became part of Pergamum in BC.

Lydia is a Nord housecarl obtained upon completion of the quest " Dragon Rising." She receives the title of Housecarl from Balgruuf the Greater in Dragonsreach, immediately after the Dragonborn is promoted to the title of Thane. As Housecarl, she is sworn to protect the Dragonborn with her life, and to .

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