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Krokodil is a Russian word that means crocodile, but it also refers to a particular opioid drug (desomorphine). This drug is incredibly dangerous, not only because it's, well, an opioid, but because of the way it's manufactured, which makes it cause even more harmful effects than you could typically expect from "clean" opioids. Kind regards, JSTLF.

The M. tuberculosis isolates were subjected to drug susceptibility testing and molecular typing based on spoligotyping and analysis of the robust genotype and cluster-specific markers. Patients with disseminated TB disease were more prevalent in the HIV-positive (%) than in the HIV-negative group (%) (P.

 · Winged Doom/The Omsk Bird is a series of drawings, comics and image macros, originated in on Russian imageboards, based on a central character of “Winged Doom”, a drawing by Heiko Muller. The character is often associated with the city of Omsk, and everything psychedelic, surreal and drug-induced.

 · Antibiotic eye drops can be used as first-line drugs and the drug tungal. The advantage of topical antibiotics is to provide an adequate dose, but its consumer should be careful. Topical antibiotics such as gentamicin, neomycin, soframisin, even if chloramphenicol is ototoksik entrance to the inner ear through venestra venestra rotundum or ovale.

Swallowed by Dying Hopes - Violent Scum, Coffin Curse - Immersed in Cryptic Stench (CD) Patxi Dinamita - Fin De Prohibiciones (CD, Album) Esprit De Corps - ...and Oceans - A.M.G.O.D. (CD, Album)