The Secret Of Dead Cosmonauts

Contents. Purported Czechoslovakian information leak. High-altitude equipment tests. Robert Heinlein. The Torre Bert recordings. Vladimir Ilyushin. Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

 · On April 12th, , a Russian man named Yuri Gagarin made history aboard a Soviet Vostok 3KA-3 spacecraft. For years, the United States and Soviet UnionReviews:

 · Cosmonauts had been killed on impact, driven mad in space, doomed forever to circle the Earth when their capsules refused to re-enter. In May , the tenacious anti-communist senator Henry Jackson alleged that the official designation of the Korabl-Sputniks as unmanned were an elaborate cover-up for a series of disastrous failed crewed ted Reading Time: 9 mins.

Chapter Dead Cosmonauts Page The family of Senior Lieutenant Bondarenko is to be provided with everything necessary, as befits the family of a cosmonaut. --Special Order, signed by Soviet Defense Minister R. D. Malinovskiy, Ap, classified Top Secret. NOTE: Prior to no Soviet book or magazine had ever mentioned the.

 · Ivan Ivanovich and the Persistent Lost Cosmonaut Conspiracy. On March 25 , in the countryside not far from Perm, an ancient city in the heart of Soviet Russia, an ejector seat parachuted from a space capsule. A recovery crew, aided by local villagers, eventually located the craft’s snowbound crash site and its passenger.

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